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Natural Disaster Prepardness

Dear Members,


We are on standby to be a “Ready Church” should the City of Danville need to call on us. We are not sure exactly what that will mean, if anything, but in the past we have been called on to be a one-day shelter. 

We are also a temporary shelter for Roman Eagle residents if they need to call on us.

If we get called and still have electricity, what we will need to be prepared for is a crew of volunteers to help people in the CLC and/or the gym. We will also need volunteers to be able to stay with the residents while they are here. The city would provide personnel if there is an overnight stay required, but we will need folks to be here to help during the day.

If you are able to be on standby to help, should the need arise and should you be able to get to the campus, please respond to my email with your phone number: 

In the meantime, here are some things for you to remember to personally get ready in the event of a natural disaster or emergency:

  1. Fill up some extra containers of water or go buy a case of bottled water.

  2. Make sure your ice dispenser is filled or bag some ice to store it in your freezer in case you lose power.

  3. Have a three-day supply of food on hand.

  4. Get your prescription medications filled before Thursday.

  5. Have a fresh set of batteries/flashlight available or candles/matches if you lose power.

  6. Have an emergency first aid kit available.

  7. If you have power tools (chainsaw, generator, etc.) make sure you have enough gasoline to run them.

  8. Have your phones charged before the storm hits.


These are things to help you start thinking about what you will need to do to be ready. This isn’t to put people in panic mode – this is to help prevent panic mode. We all have a couple of days to get prepared, so let’s get ready.


Most of all, we need get ready through prayer to our Lord -  not only for our safety, but for our witness as we are ready to serve in Jesus name in a moment’s notice!


Serving Together,

Pastor Fred

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