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About us

“Loving God and Loving Others”, is our mission statement. It is based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission given to us by our Lord.

We want to grow every day in understanding what it means to follow Jesus and live lives shaped by the Gospel. We’re called to encourage one another in this family we’re a part of called the church. We understand also that Christ’s call to make disciples extends beyond the walls of our church, into the community around us, and out to the world. 

As a Southern Baptist Church, we are members of the Southern Baptist Convention & Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. Our core beliefs can be found in the Baptist Faith & Message

our Leadership Team:

Fred Unger

Senior Pastor

Full broadcastsmall.png

Roger Jones

Minister to Students


Brett Tooley

Minister of Children & Families

Cheryl Smyth

Wee Care Director

Donna Carter

Financial Secretary


Debbie Spence

Administrative Assistant

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