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As we start a New Year, there are many lifestyle changes that people want to make. Recently, I was in Nicaragua doing pastor training during New Year’s Eve and I was intrigued by all the scarecrow/mannequin-type people sitting in front of the little dwelling places of people. As I inquired to what they were, the interpreters would tell me they are “the man.” I knew this meant something different that Americans think of as “the man” and I asked them to explain it.
“The man” is a symbol given to begin a new year. If you look closely, the man has one or more bad habits attached to it. It is much like our New Year’s Resolutions that say I am going to do better at this next year and give up this bad habit. At midnight, when the New Year arrives, the man is set on fire and usually stuffed with firecrackers to show they are getting rid of the bad habits in their life with the hopes of a better year. 

I wonder if we did that today in America, what “our man” would look like. Sure their might be a cigarette attached to him or a beer bottle in his lap for the people in the United States, but when I think about Christians sharing their faith story, would there be a piece of duct tape across his mouth? I heard a startling stat that it is estimated that 9 out of 10 Christians do not share their faith story with anyone. WOW! Can you believe that?!! It was an affirmation for this next sermon series of being intentional of having Gospel conversations. 
In this series, we will look at why sharing your faith story is beneficial. We will discover how to be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s work as you share your faith story and we will look at various transitions how you can insert your faith story in your conversations.

Join me this Sunday as we start our Gospel Conversations series!


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